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Planning a pregnancy should start before conception. Most women have healthy pregnancies. Our goal is to be sure yours is as healthy as possible. Minimizing risks starts with assessment of your family and medical history before conception.

Optimizing pregnancy outcomes starts with optimizing maternal health.

Begin vitamin supplements before conception.

young family
  • Family and genetic risk assessment
  • Screening for carriers of recessive/hidden genetic diseases
  • Environmental and occupational exposures
  • Immunizations
  • Use of vitamin supplements: Folic Acid
  • Control of medical problems: diabetes, thyroid disease, asthma, hypertension
  • Smoking cessation
  • Medication exposure
During pregnancy:
  • Prenatal care and delivery
  • Vaginal birth after Cesarean Section
  • Prenatal diagnosis: ultrasound, maternal serum screening, amniocentesis
  • High risk pregnancy


Dr. Robinson emphasises high standards of care and utilizes evidence based practices.

Both traditional and non-traditional treatments may be recommended, using pharmaceutical or bio-identical hormone therapy.

She has special expertise in prenatal diagnosis and screening for inherited disease.